I took this photo of the owner at the front terrace of the Villa. I have had the pleasure of visiting the villa several times, most recently in the Spring of 2018.  I was there the day following a wedding at the Villa, where fresh flowers were abound at every corner. It was quite lovely and the day was splendid. 

A little about the owner.. this magnificent villa is a property that is near and dear to him and his family. It is the place he spent his childhood summers, thus he knows the lake area well, as it is a part of him. As he describes the Villa you immediately detect his love for the property. As we walked through the many rooms, he took me to areas of significant importance and relevance to his ancestors, who built the Villa. Many of the antiques have been a part of his life since the beginning, and many are kept securely in glass cases. When you are there history awaits you and the family has made it a priority to maintained its historic brilliance. 

Here you will experience an authentic theme of Lake Como and how it was in when the villa was first constructed. There are grand rooms with chandeliers, paintings, and furnishings, over many levels of the home.  And..stories  as we strolled he shared memories of his fun filled summers swimming, boating and just roaming on the many hectors of  this lakefront property.  
We sat on the terrace and as he looked out to the view, you can see in facial expressions his fondness for the life he has spent here and has the wonderful experiences growing here must have been.

In the distance, you can see Villa Balbianello on one side and Tremezzo across the Lake. To the right, Bellagio, under the summer alps covered with a dusting of snow. He has added a magnificent pool and in 2019 there will be air conditioning, which by the way is seldom needed, as constant breezes from the lake flow, even on summer nights.

This is ideal if you want a property steps from the lake with many hectors of mature foliage.  The property is located in the Bellagio, you can walk or bike to the town, making this a fantastic property in Lake Como!