Palazzo Margherita



  • 9 BD
  • 9 BA
  • 18 Guests
  • Pool

Palazzo Margherita, built in 1892 in Bernalda by the Margherita family, is a true 19th century palazzo. The town was the birthplace and home to Agostino Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola’s grandfather, who always referred to it affectionately as “Bernalda bella.” Francis purchased the Palazzo in 2004 with the desire to transform it into a small, luxurious Italian boutique hotel, believing it was time to introduce visitors to this stunning and still undiscovered region.

The surrounding countryside, which was settled by the Greeks before the Roman era, is part of the Hellenic Magna Graecia””the coastal areas of Southern Italy””where the thriving local agriculture produces sumptuous fruits and vegetables, as well as the Aglianico grapes used to make wines of the same name. Nestled between the ancient cities of Metapontum and Matera, the area is rich with history, including haunting primordial cave dwellings called Sassi di Matera (meaning “stones of Matera”), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Matera has been declared a European Capital of Culture for 2019.

The Palazzo has been completely restored by Francis Ford Coppola and acclaimed French designer Jacques Grange, creating a luxurious, authentically Italian experience that ushers guests into a private world of palatial comfort, surrounded by gardens, a courtyard, and a swimming pool, all just steps from a small, bustling town in which the visitor is a friend and neighbor rather than a tourist.

Francis wanted the Palazzo to become a place that his children would want to visit again and again, and therefore invited the whole family to contribute ideas to the design. It is this very sense of family that distinguishes Palazzo Margherita as one of the most charming small luxury hotels in Italy. The interior décor of Palazzo Margherita is styled with tiled floors as well as hand-painted fresco ceilings. Grange designed some of the exotic tiles and furniture, including one of the most beautiful suites, which is in a North African style to honor Francis’s Tunisian-born grandmother. All of the floors in the Palazzo have been restored from the original marble.

This is a non smoking property, pets are not permitted. Minimum stay is 3 nights.

Check in

4:00 PM Check in – Check out 10:00 AM local time

Extra Costs

Food & Beverages, Wine & Cheese Tasting, Grilled BBQ, Spa Services, Live Music, Bike and Guided Tours, Rafting, Kayak, Trekking, Mini-Cruise, Baby Care, Yoga, Pilates, Laundry Services, Airport Transfers, Activities

What's Included in the Cost

Daily Breakfast is included, Concierge Services, Reception, 6 to 9 Waiters, Cooking Clases, 1 Chef + Master Cook, 1 Pizza Maker + Assistant, 1 Dishwasher, 4 Housekeepers, 1 Driver, Manager on site, Valet Parking, Daily Shuttle to the Private Beaches, VAT

Bedroom Details
1King size bed, En-suite shower & tub, TV, Access garden
2Queen size bed, En-suite shower & tub, Access to garden
3Queen size bed, En-suite shower & tub, Access to garden
4King size bed, En-suite steam shower & tub, Access to private Juliette balcony and a furnished terrace
5King size bed, En-suite shower & tub, Access to private Juliette balcony, private staircase to loft with single bed
6King size bed, En-suite shower & tub, Access to private Juliette balcony
7King size bed, En-suite shower & tub, Access to private Juliette balcony
8King size bed, En-suite shower & tub, Walk-in closet, Private dining area & sitting area
9King size bed, En-suite shower & tub, Walk-through closet, Desk, Fireplace, Access to a furnished terrace


  • Dine in Kitchen
  • Restaurants
  • Pool Bar
  • Theatre saloon 18
  • Cinema room
  • TV
  • DVD Players
  • Ipod docks
  • Apple PCs
  • Roll Away beds
  • WiFi
  • AC
  • Heating
  • Hair Dryers
  • soaps/shampoos/conditioner


Close To

Ostuni, 120 KM, Aberobello 79 KM, Matera 47 KM, 18 km to Pisticci – Enrico Mattei Airport (for small private jet only), 75 KM to Tarnato – Grottaglie marceloo Arlotta Airport (small jet), 120 KM to Bari, 120 KM to Brindisi


Nearby Attractions

Matera town, The Crypt of the Original Sin, Greek Temple of Her in Metaponto, Pisticci Scalo lido Beach