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Reservations and bookings:

Agency charges:

Our agency does not pay any bank fees for the wire to our Italian bank account or to the US bank account, charges associated with wires apply. We do assume all bank fees for charges for the payments to be processed to the owners once they clear incur bank account.
Please ensure the amount due to the owner is wired in total. This includes the fees below charged by the Italian bank.
Wire charges will also be charged. The agency does not pay any associated bank fees. 

Admin fees will apply for additional work “custom services” by the agency. Custom Services & Itineraries are at an extra cost. Service fees apply for the agency’s hours to address, medical issues, payment issues (unpaid balances to the villa’s for services provided), emergency issues while you are traveling, our intervention related to rental cars, airlines, F&B issues, any services while you are at the property whereas our intervention is required @ a rate of 25€ per hour. 

Each rental agreement is specific to the property you are renting. Please keep in mind that the prices you will be quoted and in the contract will reflect the currency in Euros and this must be taken into consideration when you make payment. The currency exchange rate the date the payment is made will be accepted (when payment is in USD). All banks in the world charge international currency conversion fees, these are called FOREIGN EXCHANGE RATES and apply on every banking transaction (also credit cards) when currency is exchanged. This charge is the current USD to Euro conversion + bank conversion rates of .03% and this charge will be added to the rental price. Similarly with any credit card transitions the rentee is responsible for their banks fees and bank fees incurred to process the payment to the owners. We use this calculation the date payment is made in a bank wire to us for the final payment.

Crazy for Travel, LLC will be responsible for all wire fee’s (domestic & International) for payments to the owners. We will not incur any fees resulting from the clients wire to the Italian bank.
Once we have the deposits/final payments in our bank accounts, we transmit the wires to the owners accounts. The clients are responsible for bank transfer fees  inbound as part of the payments to our bank in Italy. We do not cover or are responsible for bank fees in the US or Europe, by our bank or otherwise. We are foremost not a bank nor responsible for the currency conversion rate at any time., as this rate fluctuates. Once the total final payment is in our Italian bank account, including all fees, we will then wire the final payment to the owners. We must receive all fees, whether charged by the US bank or the Italian bank. Each transfer varies according to the institution who is processing your payment.

International & domestic bank fees & charges, per transaction (if you are wiring to the Italian bank in Euro currency).

  • below € 5.000,00:                                              € 36.50
  • between € 5.000,01 and € 10.500,00:           € 44.50
  • between € 15.500,01 and € 25.000,00:         € 78.50

Domestic US to Italy (if you are wiring to the U.S. in US dollar) current conversion rate at the date of transfer + .03% bank conversion fee.

  •     $42.50 per wire United States to Italy
  •     $17.50 per wire (within the continental United States)

International bank fees are from Monte dei Paschi and not included in your rental costs. The banks charge wire fees (this is charged by the banks for international wire transfers deposit and final payment). These are the charges for any inbound wires from all international banks inbound. We will pay the outbound wire fees to the owner from Monte dei Paschi to the owner.  We are happy to provide you a receipt with these fees listed directly from our bank, please request this and we are happy to send it to you.

We are pleased to offer you the option to pay by personal check for the deposit or by wire transfer (for final payment). We request that the if final payment is to please be paid by bank wire as we immediately send the final payment to the owner. There is up to a 2.5 to 3.9% charge for credit card transactions. Some Villa owners do accept credit cards. None accept AMEX. The Euro to USD conversion rate is charged by all banking institutions in Italy and U.S, this is not OUR charge this is the bank charge.


Airport transfers to the rental property:

Included in your rental fee:
We will gladly arriving taxi’s and or shuttles to included arrival and departure from the Airport or hotel. This is included in the fee.

Customer Itineraries: 

We are happy to share our experience and most popular boaters, hiking guides, excursions as well as things to do while on your holiday.
Due to the time and hours required to plan a custom itinerary our agency charges 1000 per family or villa group. 
Weddings and group events please inquire for pricing.


Payment Policies:

Payment schedule: A deposit is required to confirm the booking of the Villa Property.

The deposit is dependent upon the request of the owner. Each property owner can request less or more, but generally 30%  to 50% of the total cost of the rental is required upon receipt of signed rental agreement. If time permits full payment of the rental property is generally due 70 days prior to arrival date, if time permits. Reservations made less than 90 days or less of arrival date will be required to pay balance in full. All final payments must be wire transferred or by certified check. The use of a credit card will be subject to a 1.9% to 3.9% charge and can be used for the deposit only. A receipt of payment via email will be sent once received and the contract is executed. If you require a paper receipt please let us know. The cancellation policy is in effect. Final payments must be via wire transfer or certified bank check only.

Check in / Check out policy: Will be provided at time of reservation usually arrival is on a Saturday after 3 PM and check out will be on Saturday no later than 10:00 AM, unless otherwise specified by owner/renter prior to arrival. The number of people who will occupy the residence may not exceed the number of people in the rental agreement. If the renter intends to host a party of event, wedding, graduation, anniversary, birthday party, etc., it is required that we are notified prior to the arrival of guests. There are charges that may be incurred for events at the property. All must be confirmed in advance of the booking. There will be no guests to stay in lieu of others unless requested in writing beforehand. Transfers of renters and clients is not permitted.

Final Payment:

Your final payment is due approximately 90 days prior to your trip. After your final payment has been processed you will receive your arrival instructions by e-mail, which contains detailed directions to the property, as well as the name and telephone number of the property owner or caretaker who will be meeting you upon arrival.

Property damage and Personal Items:

Guests are responsible for securing their personal belongings including jewelry and other valuables, as well as the contents of the rental house, which includes locking all doors and windows at all times. The owner provides only an initial supply of washing-up detergent, soap, toilet paper etc, etc. and the guests are required to replace them when finished, or the cost of the used items will be deducted from the security deposit. The Client may not use the properties for any other purpose than of a private holiday residence for the accommodation of the Client and his guests otherwise agreed upon in writing by the Owner. The Client shall not engage in any activity or misconduct become a loud, noisy or disruptive to the property owner or their neighbors.

Arrival and departure:

In the event that the owner or his representative are not available and it is not possible to advise the owner or his representative of a late arrival, in the event that the late arrival was not previously advised of or in the event that the owner cannot accept a late arrival, the Renter alone is responsible for the cost of the overnight stay in a hotel. The owner or his representative who are then obliged to make an unplanned displacement to the property are entitled to claim from the Renter the reimbursement of their expenses. On arrival the Renter must show the rental voucher as well as all guests’ passports or identity cards to the owner or his representative to enable them to proceed with their registration in accordance with Italian legal requirements.


Any cancellation must be in writing and addressed to via mail or fax and followed up with a phone all confirmation to our agency. In the event of a cancellation we will make every attempt to re-rent the property to other guests. If Crazy for Travel, LLC is able to re-rent your specific week to another client, we will return your deposit (-bank transaction and conversion fees) and an administrative fee of €200.00

Cancellation fees are non-refundable expenses:

The deposit and final payments are non refundable. However, If we are able to re-rent the property we will do everything possible to refund the full amount of your deposits, less administrative and bank processing fees. For bookings canceled and in the rare case of the owners providing a refund. The agency will not be responsible for any fees, wire fees, bank fees associated with deposit and final payment wires, or currency conversion fees. The agency will retain a €250 administration fee which is a non refundable administration fee for all refunds issued due to unforeseen resolutions with the villas. 

Accidental Damage Fee:

All reservations require an Damage deposit this is standard. The fee is due upon arrival (by cash or credit card) to the agent for the owner or representative. This fee will cover any accidental damage caused to the rented house and is refundable upon departure less any deduction made for loss or damage caused by the clients or for any additional costs that were not included in the letting price. THE OWNER OR HIS REPRESENTATIVE CAN REFUSE ACCESS TO THE PROPERTY IF THE SECURITY DEPOSIT IS NOT PAID AT THE TIME OF ARRIVAL. Should the Renter decide to leave the property prematurely the owner or his representative is authorized to refund the deposit to the Renter by post (less any deductions for damages or any additional expenses) and only after having checked the inventory and the property in question. Your Tuscany declines all responsibility in the event of a dispute between the Renter and the owner regarding the deposit. The Renter agrees to indemnify Owner for any damages to the dwelling or grounds and to furnishings, caused by negligence of the guest or any member of his/her party that occur during the guests stay. If the guest’s card is charged for reasons above, a copy of the charge with appropriate documentation will be forwarded within 30 days of departure.


No refunds will be given for cancellations or interruption due to inclement weather or illness. Crazy for Travel, LLC strongly advises all tenants to consider insurance needs in relation to travel, accident, medical and personal coverage. Your Tuscany does not offer cancellation insurance. Below is a list of companies that offer this form of insurance. Please note that this is provided for information purposes only. Your Tuscany does not endorse these companies or have any form of affiliation. Here is a list of Companies Offering Insurance: Access America, Travelex, GlobalCare, TravelSafe

Our Agency can not accept liability for any accident, injury, loss or damage sustained by guests.
Once you have checked into the property, no refund will be made for early checkouts. If you do not cancel the reservation and do not arrive for your rental period, all monies paid will be forfeited.
PVOI  will not issue refunds for “acts of nature” hurricanes, including evacuations without Travel Insurance coverage.

Additional Services:

For properties offering extra service the request must be made in writing to Crazy for Travel, LLC upon confirmation. Requests made after booking are subject to availability. Payment is due full in cash upon arrival to the Owner or representative. Cancellations of extra services must be cancelled no later than 4 weeks prior to arrival.


The Renter is obliged to advise Crazy for Travel, LLC at the time of booking if he is bringing any pets are accompany guests. Pets are admitted to properties that allow pets on the premises. Please inquire at the time of booking.

Termination By Owner:

In the event that the owner of a property elects to remove his property from the management responsibilities the guest agrees to hold Crazy for Italy faultless. In such event, PVOI agrees to provide the Guest with a comparable property at the original rate. If comparable properties are not available, the guest agrees to accept a full refund of all monies the guest has paid for the rental of the property during the agreed rental period in lieu of any other possible damages. PVOI and the property owners reserve the absolute right to require any individual to vacate a rental property for disruptive behavior without any refund.

In the event that Rentor is unable to provide Rentee access to Rental Property (at the time of check in) as a result of problems with the rental property itself plumbing, electrical or fire, the  Rentor shall reserve the right to transfer Rentee to another property. The price difference, if greater, must be paid by Rentee prior to the commencement of the rental period, and, if less, will be reimbursed by Rentor. If this is not possible or Rentee does not wish to be transferred, the booking will be canceled.

Property Issues:

In the event a reserved property becomes unavailable due to maintenance, transfer, or other issue, Crazy for Italy, LLC reserves the right to provide guests with a comparable substitute property; or, at its sole discretion, to cancel the booking and refund the unused portion of rent.


If the Renter or his guests have any problem during a stay he must notify the Owner or Owner’s representative immediately. Should the Owner or Owner’s representative will not be available the Renter shall contact Crazy for Travel, LLC immediately. Emergency Number Complaints previously provided in the contract. Complaints made after vacating the property will not be considered. All notifications and issues must be made known immediately.

US law:

In the event of controversies arises from the booking and the letting, the US laws will apply as we are a registered US company. In the even of legal domestic or other disputes this will dealt with by Italy Law as this in an geographic location whereas local law applies. The general conditions of have been understood and have thereby been accepted without reserve and without exception.