Private Villas of Italy, a US based company supports the local economy in each respective European town & the Caribbean!
Our agencies, PVOI | Trav Arté support the local economy, as much as possible!
We don’t enter into an area and take profits, without putting profits back into the economy.
We do this through employing the local merchants, taxi driver’s, chef’s, boater’s, hiking guides, etc.
Our business goals are not designed in us only making profits, or the villa owners, but
also the local worker, taxi’s, local chef’s, concierges, and local merchants!
We share employee as many local merchants, as we can and they remain very grateful and welcoming!
We put back in, when we can, so the circle continues…
The country of Italy!
We have also worked on efforts after the earthquake in L’Aquila to aid in the reconstruction of the town, by obtaining contributions from International philanthropists. 
 Through donations philanthropy and donations, has raised over 250,000 euros; he was very involved in the reconstruction of the schools.
We thank your our clients for supporting the local economies in Italy, France and all of the european & Caribbean towns where we have a presence!